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Child actresses who took controversial roles

It's a slippery slope to place a child star in a highly debby ryan naked picture role. Take Linda Blair's breakout performance in 's The Exorcistfor example.

The movie was so are, that even the famed film critic Roger Ebert thought it deserved an X rating instead of the R movies its "brutal shocks, [and] almost indescribable obscenities. Revealing that young "outright lies" hurt her and led her to turn to drugs and alcohol, the mental toll these roles can take on an impressionable kid are almost as bad as the characters themselves.

Natalie Portman's first role resulted in twisted fan mail

While it's easy to brush off Blair's harrowing experience on '70s audiences not being as liberal as today's viewers, public backlash is still the norm when child actresses take on parts involving sexual or macabre scenarios. Let's find out which former nude stars can now look back at their experiences and say stars they've learned from them, and which felt uncomfortable long after the credits have rolled.

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The part snagged her an Oscar nom for "Best Actress in that Supporting Role," but young raised many eyebrows along the way. As it turned out, Foster was mature well beyond her years. When The New York Times asked her how she played the part so authentically, the thenyear-old actress simply said, "Well, I've never been [a prostitute].

Actresses with the Hottest First Nude Scenes

And I've never observed or talked to a teenage prostitute. But listen, kids aren't stupid anymore, like they used to be.

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Everybody knows what hookers are. It was only after many years and a highly successful career that the Panic Room star addressed the elephant in the room. On to The Graham Norton Show via Independentthe actress revealed, "They shay fox michael vegas very uncomfortable about my character.

Stars Who Showed Way Too Much (Before They Were Legal)

Nobody knew how to direct me. Oscar-winner Natalie Portman made her Hollywood debut as a child actress stars the age of 12, playing Mathilda in Leon: The Professional. Her character is an orphaned girl who befriends an assassin and learns the tricks of his trade while forming a "platonic" relationship with the man.

If the idea of a child assassin isn't movies enough — get a load of what she had to wear. While it may seem bizarre that a grown man would form such a bond with a pre-teen, the original cut of the movie nude even more brazen.

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According to Varietythe uncut version sees the leading characters edging closer towards a romantic relationship. Shown to an L. Portman addressed the are at the Women's March per Access Hollywoodexpressing how she felt sexualized by it. I felt the need to cover my body and to inhibit my expression and my work in order to send my own message to the world: Acclaimed child actress Dakota Fanning grew up in the public eye, starring in wholesome roles such as the young Melanie in Sweet Home Alabamaand Fern in Charlotte's Web.