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Learn how to shed the layers of technology and get back to the purest form of running today! Be honest. The word naked in the title caught your attention, right? This article is about a different kind of layer shedding — the kind that involves technology. While running gadgets have certainly transformed the precision by which we can approach training, they often running a crutch interfering with our running to self regulate a run.

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Case in point — if you run with a GPS women any kind of watch, imagine heading out for a run without your wrist candy. Does the mere thought send you into a sweaty panic? Many runners have become so dependent on tracking technology that women idea of running without it induces sheer terror. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in running faster, longer and stronger that we forget the real reason why we run.

Sure, scoring a personal record or running further than ever before is rewarding, but for most the heart of running lies in the feeling we have after a good workout. When you shed the technology, all that remains is pure instinct or the intuition to listen to how your body responds to the run.

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If you run with music, a heart rate monitor and a GPS—start small. Try girl naked on riding mower without the Nude first, then slowly move to shedding all of the gadgets.

We are suggesting one weekly run without the extras.

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Choose a recovery run day where you can just enjoy the run and head out without the extra gear. Set a weekly run date with your girlfriends and commit to no tracking devices as a group.

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A good round of girl talk will take your mind off the data and make the run pass even faster! Not every run the to be a speed workout. Easy runs are an integral part of a successful training plan even professional runners schedule them!

By eliminating the technology, you will be able to focus more on how you feel nude a run.

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This will help you learn to regulate your pace based on how you feel, as the to what the numbers say. Allow yourself to really feel the run. Photo courtesy of shutterstock.