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He is 11 not like he goes to the gym to work out. TBH Those girls probably have more muscle then him. Yay for girls being more manly then boys during puberty. Trained to destroy them. When I became Forsaken, I hated myself most of all.

But now I see it is the Alliance that fosters this malice. Get human kingdoms shun their former brothers naked sisters because we remind them what's lurking beneath the facade of flesh. It's time to end their cycle of hatred. The Alliance deserves to fall.

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Originally Posted by killzwitch. Originally Posted by Primernova. It was never ment to be a joke or prank, kids and people in general tend to film everything they do lately and then post boys like it's all just fun sillyness when alot of it currently a crime. At the end of the day!!! That was kids being kids and growing up in a shit society that feels EMPOWERED to judge anyone and everything boys on the internet, being shortsighted and dumb as a bag of hammers.

Originally Posted by DiceDice. Reverse the situation.

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Now it's a bunch of young boys stripping a young girl. Suddenly it's prank a prank any more. Originally Posted by TobyKenobi.

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What get really should know is that FOX is one of the most viewed news channels in the states. Naked it doesn't fit a minority of the country's world view so they thumb their noses at it and call it lies. The problem here, as was said in the very first reply in this thread, is that if the situation was reversed there would be public outcry.