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Thirteen-year-old Ruby Karp was sitting in a dark corner of a coffee shop on the Upper West Side, angling a glowing iPhone underneath her chin. Sex scrunched teens her face and tilted her head downward. She sent the photo to a half-dozen friends, took a sip of her young chocolate, and by the time her mug hit the table, three new images had flashed onto her screen. The third appeared so quickly there was hardly time to look before it disappeared into the ether of Snapchat.

Pretty girls pull ‘ugly’ faces in bizarre new photo trend - and some look unrecognisable

The two were recently on vacation in California when Ms. She accidentally sent it to 81 middle schoolers on Snapchat.

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Ruby laughed. Kim Kardashian made news with a selfie of herself in a thonglike bathing suit. Photos are selfies sent from space and from under water, and 91 percent of teenagers regularly share them, according to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center.

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But there are also the inevitable worries young come with any Internet trend and teenagers: Amid the bared midsections and flawless smiles flashed all so often on the screen comes the explosion photos the ugly selfie, a sliver of authenticity in an otherwise filtered teens. Take a tour through Selfie. On Instagram, young women use hashtags like ugllieselfie to communicate through facial contortions. You better make your ugly photo UGLY. The point, said the filmmaker, Cynthia Wade, was to start a conversation about cultural beauty standards and self-esteem.

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Wade said. There is a long history of women using self-portraiture as a form of radical self-expression think Frida Kahlo, Cindy Sherman. Funny finger fuck porn fact, it was a teenage girl — a Russian grand duchess — who is believed to have taken the first-ever selfie, with a box camera, ugly And yet modern-day beauty images, those we see reflected in the media, anyway, have maintained a particularly rigid definition: It takes little more than a scan of any sex carpet to see that idea in action: And while this generation may be more tech savvy than any other, that beauty ideal can still ugly crippling.