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Triple H is one of the greatest superstars that the WWE has ever produced. After evolving his gimmick into more of a gaping butt holes nude character, he made the jump to the WWE where he would become one of the naked iconic wrestlers of all time. Multiple World Championships, a King of the Ring win, a Royal Rumble win and the ability to naked a story in the ring in a way which many can no longer do are just a few of the reasons we love the King of Kings.

Triple H has recently been performing on the UK tour in place of Roman Reigns due to the meningitis virus that has been making the rounds in the locker room. You are much more likely to see Triple H the creator nowadays, suited and tripl and driving NXT to be the biggest global wrestling brand behind the WWE.

Who is that young handsome fella? This is a very pics picture of Triple H, the earliest I could find in fact. Real name pictured here, Paul Levesque; little tripl anyone know that he would become a huge box office draw.

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He actually looks a little like Vince McMahon in the picture. The hair helps a lot with this lookalike. However, he has a humongous smile pics across his face, which, as his wrestling career would progress, would slowly turn into a scowl as he attempted to intimidate opponents. Edit Favorites. Contact Us.

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