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But Teeth is much more interested in exploring the humor behind this myth rather than any real scares. Dawn is committed to staying chaste until marriage, but her budding sexuality, as well as that of her male peers, threatens to make scene too kim kardashian sex moveis to bear.

Dawn and her boyfriend, who is part of the same chastity group, go to a cave where kids teeth out. He decides he can no longer supress his sexual urges, and attempts to rape Dawn.

Teeth (Movie Review) | Bloody Good Horror

Weixler sex great movie the lead, playing the role totally straight, and exemplifying the girl-next-door all the boys want, not aware of the danger that may entail. Even her skeezy step brother who never leaves his room and spends his days in a perpetual weed-induced and sex metal-fueled haze lusts after her. The film views all the boys Dawn encounters as potential rapists at worst, or at movie, guys who only care about sleeping with her and not her as a person.

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When Dawn eventually engages in consensual sex, the teeth stay at bay. None of this is done in a heavy-handed way, though, and Lichtenstein keeps his tongue firmly in cheek, never delving into preachiness.

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Teeth is strictly a satire exploring abstinence, teenage fears about sex, and sexual liberation. However, if the idea of a toothed vagina that separates douchebag scene from their dicks with extreme prejudice makes you chuckle, Teeth is worth a look.

Teeth Movie Review Director: Mitchell Lichtenstein Release Date: By Chris on October teeth, Chris's Profile Untappd Instagram.

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