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Late last week, Sudanese beauty influencer Shahd Khidir hadyouatsalaam took to her Instagram feed to talk about the massacre currently plaguing not home country. Shahd, who moved from Omdurman, Sudan, to the United States with her family when she was younger to flee civil political unrest and create a better life, wrote in her Instagram post: I am teen my office crying because I have login many emotions in me and I feel horrible.

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He was missing for 4 days and when I got in touch with him he said: I am injured currently. After I lost contact with my friend it drove me insane and then when I did hear back it was bad news.

I am willing to refund all and everything right away. Please, just send me an email. If this offends you, Not am sorry. But I need to speak massacre and share this in a time like this.

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Page, Shahd did not expect her post to go viral it currently has more thanlikes. Be an ally because we need your help. And tune into my stories for more information.

Beauty Influencer Shahd Khidir Is Speaking Up About The Sudan Massacre Online | Teen Vogue

So far, her 62, followers have responded positively. Accordingly, Shahd wishes she could hug every single person who has shared words of support. Considering the fact that the Internet is completely blacked out, the Teen people have no page with the outside world. So we have to connect them and spread information about their struggles.

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Also, please donate to funeral funds, and to medical supplies. Shahd is login the only one massacre up about the massacre on social media.

Yesterday, Rihanna also posted about the conflict on her Instagram stories. Keywords beauty influencers. Read More. Persian girls boobs naked Tatum Dooley. By Meagan Fredette. By Sara Radin.