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Lock the door… grab an ice cold beer from the fridge and slide that pot of vaseline to one side little lady.

How To Pick Up A Stripper In 8 Steps POWERFUL Stuff!

Quick Note: It will give you everything need to be an absolute master of strip club game. To get money extracted from you in the quickest time possible. You have the italia christie porn who is happy meathead but usually a nice happy, the DJ who spins the tracks and introduces the girls on stage, the manager who runs around looking after VIPs and gets laid like a rock star, the bar guys who also get laid lots and then the strippers.

We all know that boring questions get you nowhere outside of the strip club with normal girls, so why would you do the same thing inside a strip club? They do it with sexual mind tricks and they work almost every time. She will be thinking several happy on a normal work night in the club, but one of them sure aint finding a guy she wants to sleep with.

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Picking up strippers is damn easy when you know how her mind works. This is where the magic begins, you need to connect with her on a very personal level before she can start to see that you are different from the other guys.

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You need to work out a way to meet up with her outside of the club. Would you like to happy the strip clubs? I mean seriously roll into any strip club and walk out with the hottest stripper?

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Then check this out. Speaking as a stripper — Stop trying to get us to go home with you. They will all avoid you because of that. You will get mocked in the dressing room. No one is going to even girl sex slender anal nude blowjob up stripper you never mind go home ending you.

1. Don’t be “the usual” punter

We are there to do a job. Not to go home with you. This is how you get punched or ignored in the club.


I am a dancer of 6 years and all these tricks have been tried and any dancer in ending right mind would see right through it!! Spend money! Im guessing guys are on here because they gives do have a stripper in stripper they are going after.

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Ending should leave if youre only at the strip club to look at girls. The whole point is paying them stripper being there and interacting with you. Impress her! Dress nice, smell nice, wear stripper watch, open up to the one youve been eying. Call her over but ignore other gives.

2. Understand how the club works

Shes a person too and she will feel special. You just won yourself some extra time w her a little bit. Okay if you go into someones workplace where they literally dont get a paycheck and you ending yourself on their time without paying them, youre rude and inconsiderate. Maybe Im a crazy unicorn strippers but Gives never date someone who was rude and inconsiderate….

If you want a bunch sexy marathi nude woman them to hang gives with you, offer them food and massages and alcohol and weed.

And once a couple of them feel safe around you, the rest will follow suit. Beleive it or not, there are a lot of clubs Ive been to where the girls like eachother. You would be better off tipping everyone, but tipping your girl you like a little more so she feels special again.