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If a little or a lot of pain is your pleasure of choice, you might want to bend over and give spanking a try. Spanking maybe deliver a swat or two to your partner. OK, who's been a naughty, naughty little kinkster? Tsk, tsk But before you dive headlong into a game of slap and tickle, you may want to read our crash course on spanking. Consider it spanking Some people think spanking a lover's a bit odd, carmen monet even taboo, but a good spanking in the bedroom certainly has its perks.

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In fact, ever since the release of "Fifty Shades of Grey" a few years ago, an increasing number of people have been showing an interest in this type of kinky play. In fact, according to statistics published by the British Sexual Fantasy Spanking Project seriously, how cool is t hat? Sadly, Americans don't appear to be kinky enough to slap some stats together on spanking, but you can bet your ass it has its fans on this side of the pond too.

Why spanking, you ask? Well, it feels good, darn it! Unlike other erogenous zones, the buttocks foreplay fleshy and fatty. For most people, this means that a decent amount of pressure on the bottom is not only tolerable, but also necessary in order to bring on pleasurable for. The act of spanking itself also has for tones of dominance and submission, which can be oh-so-sexy in and of itself. Check out A Beginner's Guide to Submission for more sexy insight.

If you're spanking to add a little for to your sex life or want a taste of some soft-core BDSM, spanking might be just the thing for you and your partner. The right approach foreplay techniques, however, are key components for making a good spanking a foreplay thing.

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Communication is essential if you're looking to give your partner a few sharp slaps - or receive some spanking. An unexpected spanking can be a real slap in the face if the feeling isn't porn slim girls image. Before you bring out the whips and paddlesbring up spanking casually with your partner to feel things out. Then, you can discuss how you both feel about spanking, and maybe give it a try.

Think this sounds awkward? So will giving your partner a smack he or she doesn't want. Consent is essential.

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Plus, discussing what you want for do foreplay each other is great foreplay! Find out how to broach to topic in Yes! Why Consent Is Totally Sexy. Spanking can be painful, both physically and emotionally. A lot of people love to play with the boundaries of pain, punishment and pleasure, but setting some rules beforehand is essential.

In spanking, those who enjoy BDSM live by this rule. So discuss your limits. Tell your partner what you're willing to try.

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And then tell them what you absolutely won't do. Then listen to get that same information from your partner. Of course, you aren't looking to hurt anyone muchbut injury is possible. That's why a safeword is essential. This is a word or phrase that you would not normally say during sex. The colors of a traffic light - red, yellow, and green - make an excellent safeword for and are used widely in the BDSM community. Experience the pleasure of Electrosex and be one of the first to get your hands on the Mystim Opus E!

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Like any erotic activity, it's important to set the mood before you let loose on your partner's behind. If he or she isn't sufficiently aroused, the spanking won't be erotic, just painful - and not in a good way. It's best to go slow and let the festivities progress naturally. Start with a little cuddling and kissing, then progress to foreplay.