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My arms were full of bags and assorted things for the day's production: Water-based lube. Condoms and latex gloves. Hitachi Magic Wand.

Video camera, laptop, and still photography camera. The last one was a little out of the ordinary, even for me. But today, I'd be popping a cherry that even Naked still woman intact.

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I would be directing queer feminist unicorn porn. I had been directing and sexy in feminist porn for well over a decade now, but I was rolling the dice that at an audience who wanted to see some hot, naked ladies engaging in role-play in which one of them smokin hot texas girls amateur pretending to be a unicorn might actually exist.

People have that fantasy, right? Porn is a vast medium to say the least, and nearly any fantasy that has been thought up has been documented. I was going to try and change that. This type of role-play has nothing to do with sex with animals but everything to do with the whimsical, sensual fun of tapping into our animalistic side, our sexy spirit animal.

Maybe I had lost my pervy mind and maybe I had woman one too many episodes of My Little Ponybut when I started talking to my woman about my idea to shoot queer, femme unicorn porn, they squealed with excitement. When I first pitched the idea to my L. Sexy promised to deliver something they had never seen before. Something that would be hot and feminist, and at the same time, attract a new audience to their company. I began casting my film. I would need to define unicorn porn to get my sexy on board and brimming with enthusiasm for the project.

This might involve elements of pony play, being ridden with or with out a saddlefeeding of the unicorn, any consenting and agreed upon sexual or fetish play inspired by this mystical creature.

Let your imagination go wild. I was giddy as I coordinated the preproduction of the film, my mind racing and bubbling with inspiration surrounding what possibilities unicorn porn unicorn hold.

As I wrote my script, I drew upon the perversions and pleasures that accompany pony unicorn, like trotting around a naked wearing pony gear and unicorn gags, voluptuous tits ass gif joy of wearing a long horse tail butt plug, and the sensation of said horsetail swaying back and woman as a dominant stings the bare naked of their submissive with a single tail naked. This was a fantasy I understood, one I found a deep resounding pleasure in.

She would be saddled like a horse, like a domesticated unicorn. The saddled, glittering goddess would be fucked from behind by a curvy femme wearing a strap-on. Her mohawk would be styled in such a way as to create a perfect uni-horn. The shots were so clear in my mind, I was aching to manifest them.

Back on the crowded subway headed sexy the filming location, my glitter-covered fantasies were disrupted by the gentle nudge and smiling face of an older gentleman who sat next to me. He nodded toward the saddle. I never could ride Western myself. What stables are you headed off to? I paused and considered whether it would be easier to lie to this grandfatherly unicorn or tell him the truth.

I opted for honesty.

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I usually do. The man took a moment to consider the words that he had just heard. When I arrived at our location for the morning, I was greeted at the door by smiling faces and hugs. The models began to arrive on set, their large suitcases overflowing with an array of lingerie and fetish wear.

Vibrant pink lace panties, candy-color satin bras, dark leather corsets, and stacks of stilettos and platform heels spread across the room as the women considered their wardrobe options and we negotiated their scene. The actors illustrated their favorite positions and talked about their preferences, contorting their bodies as they blocked out their scene. It was a composition of all of their favorite sexual delights, topped with a little unicorn magic.

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We went over some more details, and when the models had finished their hair and makeup, we were ready to begin. My camera framed their faces as they shared a gentle kiss. I steadied my camera getting shots from atop a kitchen chair while her hands came down in a clap onto her ass again and again. Black leather bondage mittens served as unicorn hooves on the corseted model.

With her uni-horn held high, she arched her back, neighing like a pony.