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Girl by Emily Bernstein. A videographer for sex porn production company Girls Do Porn testified in court this week to lying to women who say they were lured into having sex on video after being allegedly promised with videos would never be widely distributed or posted sex. The lawyers for the plaintiffs said they spoke girl at least women involved with Girls Do Porn who gave similar accounts of their experiences. The women say they were told that the videos would only be available in limited release on DVD, and no one they knew would ever see them.

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Shortly after they were shot, the videos were posted on the internet, on massively popular websites like Pornhub sex YouPorn, and the women were doxed and harassed by viewers girl forums like the recently-defunct PornWikiLeaks.

According to NBC 7 in San Diegowhere the trial has been underway in San Diego Superior Sex for two weeks, videographer Theodore "Teddy" Gyi said in his testimony that he was instructed by the Girls Do Porn owners to tell women that the videos he shot would never appear online. In a video deposition taken on January 22 as part of Wolfe's bankruptcy proceedings, Gyi confirmed that he heard Garcia tell women that the videos that they shot would not be posted on the Internet, "maybe five to 10 times," he said.

Gyi is also named in July court documents as someone Girls Do Porn hired to film girl-boy scenes for the movie while movie primary photographer and part-owner, Matthew Wolfe, focused on recruiting and filming for their spinoff company, Girls Movie Toys solo sex scenes, as opposed to the scenes with a male actor.


With was present in the hotel room for many shoots," the plaintiff's trial brief states. This testimony is hugely important to the plaintiffs' case, as Gyi is one with only a few people who was present at the filming but wasn't one of the Girls Do Porn founders. It corroborates the stories of multiple women—plaintiffs in the case as well as women Motherboard spoke with directly —who said they only milani xxx sexy imgas nude full the videos with the assurance of the director and owners that these images would be girl to adult with on the other side of the world.

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He repeatedly said not online, not online, he said the videos would be on DVDs in Australia and other countries. I asked if I could do other modeling and he said no. Last month, Motherboard uncovered a pattern of doxing and harassment that targeted these women once this promise was broken and the videos spread online. Some of the videos on Pornhub, posted to the official Girls Do Porn channel that Pornhub partnered with and publicly promoted for years, veiny uncut cock tens of millions of views.

Following Motherboard's reporting, Pornhub removed some of the videos that featured plaintiffs—and as of last week, the site removed Girls Movie Porn logos from its partners page.

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