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JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Lahore features of this site may not work without it. WHO estimated in that approximately million cases of four major curable STIs occur in adults in the age group years. Most at risk populations including women selling sex engage in behaviours that lead to HIV transmission. Methods The research involved both qualitative and quantitative research methods leading to Paper I — Sex. In Paper I, individual interviews were conducted and then analyzed using the content analysis method. Respondent driven sampling was used to collect data for paper II and III, where in addition to administering a structured questionnaire, biological samples were collected to estimate lahore prevalence of HIV, T.

Furthermore, structured questionnaire was administered to collect data for paper IV among health care providers. The odds of being infected with C. There were varying knowledge levels and misconceptions regarding STIs. Approximately two thirds of the women considered themselves to have had STIs in the six months preceding the survey.

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Women selling sex who reported consistent condom use were 1. The treatment received did not follow any standard treatment guidelines, influencing both effectiveness and compliance.

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Conclusions Poverty, sex drive for materialism, and the desire for money are the major driving forces for resorting to selling sex, depicting a social behavioural change. HIV infection and STIs among women selling sex were relatively low in this study, which is possibly due to a high condom use, relatively low numbers of sexual partners and availability of clinical services, including syndromic management.

However, there exists a high risk for a concentrated HIV epidemic among women selling sex due to their low level of knowledge about HIV, attitudes, risk behaviour and sexual practices.

Furthermore, health-seeking behaviour for Debby ryan free sex video treatment is influenced by ability to lahore and ease of access, as well as availability in the private sector.


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