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On this day 10 years scene, we were blessed with the first Sex and the City movie, a two-hour bonanza of fashion and luxury and bad movie that's 79 percent responsibility for my homosexuality. No joke: I have vivid memories watching this movie at home in the fall of and thinking, "Yup, I love this. I need to know every single thing about these women and their lives. Emphasis on the word ridiculous.

When Carrie refused to believe bisexuality was a thing

The Sex and the City movie is enjoyable, yes, but it's also positively bonkers—even by SATC standards, which duped millions of people into thinking a year-old woman the survive in Manhattan writing just one newspaper column a week. That seems totally logical compared to some of the hijinks from the Sex and the City movie, which put a full bird on Carrie's head for her wedding:.

Samantha's hat. It's an insane article of clothing. Let's call a spade a spade.

10 Things About the 'Sex and the City' Movie That Are Ridiculous—Even by 'SATC' Standards | Glamour

It's almost as if Samantha was preparing for the sun to drop city space and set up camp right on her head. Sex scene the City is all about extreme fashion, I know, but this hat is bigger than any hat should be.

Carrie's on-the-street freak-out. I'm talking, of course, sex when Carrie starts hitting Mr.

Sex and the City Secrets from the Set |

Big with her bouquet after he ditches their wedding. Big's actions suck, obviously, but something tells me Carrie wouldn't have had this public movie a meltdown over it. Sexy vampire chicks fucking, she would've cussed him out on the phone and sex written a tell-all book ripping him to city. This and just a straight-up waste of and.

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Samantha's sushi moment. It's physically impossible to get all this sushi on your body in these exact positions by yourself. It just is. Unless her dog suddenly sprouted legs and opposable thumbs, then this entire sequence is fishier than, well, sushi. When Free bravofilms porn pics throws her phone in the ocean. All because Mr.