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But there are a few things you can do to make a blow job more comfortable for me, thereby ensuring that you continue to receive bomb brain.

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Follow these etiquette guidelines to ensure that the generous soul going jod on you feels respected and keeps the head…coming. Hair rules are just one thing you should communicate about during the blow job process. Another one is condoms.

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The most crucial aspect of blow job communication is discussing techniques. Integrate feedback sexy dirty talk. Then, the next time they go down on you, it will be even better! We feel that, too, when giving head, so compliments and encouragement are blow appreciated.

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The Oval Office, a karaoke-bar bathroom, or in the living room while 30 Rock school are on. The comfier she is, the better it will be for you. Better yet, invite your lady with you and do the bone-licking in the shower.

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Do I have your attention? Deep-throating and gagging can be hot.

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I get it; if I had a penis and someone made some gagging noises while going down on me, I can see why that could be kinky and arousing. Give her a warning before you blow your load. And you must respect that.

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There petra morgan and old man plenty of options besides swallowing: She can spit, you can come on boobs, stomach, your PlayStation, wherever. Do not come on her face without asking. Offer her a breath mint, or perhaps a nice palate-cleansing snack like grapes and Brie. If this is someone you want to win over and continue hanging out with, offer her a post-BJ massage.