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It's easy to see why the Internet is going wild sites teen sex lesben porno a video of a little girl bossing around, then feeding, six big blocky-headed dogs. But several animal advocates are taking to social media with concerns about the viral clip. In case you missed it and please, then, give us bulls name of your deserted islandthe girl in the video politely orders each of the dogs to sit.

One by one, they comply, and she tells them to stay while she pours out buckets of kibble into a mound on the floor. The girl then counts to three, before telling the dogs "OK," after which they eat the food pile quietly.

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People say it can never be done. They live and eat together. They're a family," a female's girls says. Thank you.

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Have a great day. And love your pit bull. There's obviously a whole lot to love here: The girl is adorable. Her pleases sexy thank yous to the obedient pups would pit the iciest of hearts.

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The dogs are stunning and wonderfully behaved. And -- unless you're the kind of person who believes ridiculous, untrue stereotypes about pits -- you have to appreciate the intended message. Johnson posted more of her thoughts about the video to Ray's Facebook page:.


Ray's mom here. First let me say I would be saying the same thing if this was 6 poodles. There is a video of a young child getting ready to feed 6 hungry pit bulls making the rounds on the internet. Many people have been sharing to to show how safe pitties actually are. I have a totally different take on it.