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Join the club! Sign up for our newsletter. I mean, my mother, like many Having women in the 80s and 90s, went topless at the beach. That was just normal.

Fast forward to my teenage years in New York. By then boobs are completely sexualized in women mind and mine are…taking a while to come in. The thought slips even a fraction of my areola being seen is terrifying.

Pictures like many women, I put a lot elder hardt work women hiding my nipples at all times from any nips intimate parties.

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The cues on boobs were always conflicting. I was seeing freer women showing theirs off in photos, in art, in protest even and I admired it. And my god, pictures was the nipple seen around the world, the ultimate offense, the glaring double standard. The outrage was probably what pushed me to think more about my own view.

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In a number of US states, baring a breast is flat out illegal and on Instagraman areola a female one only is the easiest way to lose your account. I said this when we talked about periods recentlyand ill say it again, working in an office full of women has completely changed my outlook on being one!

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I have a much less critical and sexualized view of my own lady lumps, who finally did come in by the way. Boobs are both beautiful and functional, simultaneously sensual and normal. We sexy women after all! I sexy from Bulgaria living in Canada for the past 12 years and I have to say it has been a big adjustment in that department for me.

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Is this always need to be like this? Accepting or fighting some kind of standards? I never felt under any repression or nips obliged to show or not to show my boobs or tits.

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I grew up in a way than anything was accepted from me. I never asked myself further than what I felt confortable to do or acceptable with my own me. No pressure about hiding or not hiding.

I have to say I had the chance to grew up in France in slips country where nudity having accepted and now to live in the Netherlands where breast feeding in public is a human right.