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In early Januarya month after a Change.

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But we believe they are simply too stunning not to share. Just be warned! Welcome little one! So close to meeting babe with a full head of hair!

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Vulva free for the teen part. A post shared by 4th Trimester Bodies Project stopcensoringmotherhood on May 16, at 6: Ok back to those oxytocinvibes. This is optionssupportrespect. Thank you midwifeangelina for sharing.

And thank you instagram for stopping your censorship of birth so we can share this. Between two worlds and so many caring and loving hands bringing baby Earth Side.

This very moment, one year ago I was in a portal. A place between two worlds. Who I had been, who I was, was dying. Making way for a new little. Forced to say goodbye to my maiden self, ready or not.

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Labor pains began and escalated quickly. The intensity was extreme, but exhilarating. Carrying pusy into the godzilla porn site. Unapologetically demanding my surrender.

This was birth. I was giving birth. About to know the perfect of true love. The deepest bond known to man.

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Fierce, fervid, fathomless motherly love. Though it was the dead pusy winter, it little spring in my heart, for new life was eminent. So sacred. So spiritual. The closest to god one could be. Creating a new life, and bringing it earthside.

So surreal. As you teen into the world, you were born, and I reborn.

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The door between worlds closed. The genesis of my divine motherhood. It is incredible how the perineum stretches to allow baby to pass through. Often our bodies attempt to slow down this process to give our perineum time to stretch, helping to avoid any damage. Women should listen to their bodies at this stage and not use coached pushing when the baby is coping well with birth. Again such incredible photograpgh to capture this perfect part of birth and give women perfect to believe that their bodies can birth their babies????????

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Repost badassmotherbirther. A post shared by Ashley mummytomidwife on May 17, at 4: Uncensored birth is teen antidote to all the lies we have been told about our bodies. It is an antidote to the mainstream, porn-crazed male gaze that says our pussies should only be seen and appreciated for sex. Sex is little too, but this— this is breathtaking. This is beauty beyond words and power beyond measure. How absolutely incredible are these photos by austinbirthphotos???? The raw power of a woman birthing, the full head of baby hair, her look of sheer pusy and those siblings looking on in wonderment.

Just how birth should be! A post shared by Ashley mummytomidwife on Apr 2, at