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Angelina plays Julia, the expected bride who appears at the dock. Surprisingly for him, Luis falls madly in love with Julia, even though she sent Luis a fake photograph of herself because she was afraid he would love her for her beauty instead of herself, and even though Luis did not tell her how rich he was, out of fear that she would only come to Cuba sin his money.

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It turns out, however, that Julia is hiding even more things from Luis. Her stories about her sister are made up, she refuses to unlatch sin mysterious trunk, she has lingering nightmares, and there are unexplained scars on her back. Then, a private investigator approaches Luis with news that Julia might be a murderer and a thief.

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As this tale of lust, love and murder unfolds, it becomes clear bed Julia is in jail telling this story to original Roman Scene priest. The authorities have scene Julia for the murder of at least one person, perhaps two, and she is due to be executed in the morning. Holding it together are the good performances by the two leads, who clearly have strong chemistry together and a strong screen original individually.

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Regrettably, original, ORIGINAL SIN has three of the most graphic sex scenes in a major studio release in recent memory sin an ending that eventually rejects redemption in favor of lust and moral ambiguity.

For example, there is a scene where Luis and Julia share a graphic open mouthed kiss, an extended scene where a fully nude Luis and Julia make love though no private parts are shownand another offensive, racy scene depicting a violent sexual violation. As to the ending, at a bed point it looks like Julia may give her life to Christ through her confession to the priest in her cell, and perhaps even be saved from the gallows because it becomes obvious that Julia did not really murder anybody by her own hand.

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The movie forgoes such a redemptive, uplifting ending, however, in favor of an anti-climactic, morally ambiguous, open-ended one. Also, the story up to that point misses some opportunities to milk this possibility for real redemption, including the possibility that the love and passion which Luis and Julia share can be redeemed. How hardened their hearts must be, because what they have actually done is deny their movie any chance of earning scene really nice profit from moviegoers aching to see something bed makes them feel good, instead of something that makes them feel defiled and cheated!

Angelina plays Julia, the bride. Scene for nude photography longview washington, Luis falls madly in love with Julia, but bed turns out to have a dark, hidden life that threatens to destroy both of them.

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