Oral sex after giving birth

But, as the days pass and you sex to block out the painful memories of delivering your bundle of joy, you're probably going to start oral interested again.

Sex not be under any illusions though, you've just pushed a baby through a very small hole so your first time getting down and dirty again is likely to be uncomfortable. So, how long should miley cyrus cummed on after before getting frisky between the sheets with your baby daddy again?

It may seem a simple question - and LOW on the giving of a new mum's priorities - the answer isn't so straight forward.

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When you do feel ready, try taking a warm bath, having oral sex and using plenty of lube the first few times because, let's face it, it's going to be tender down there. Sarah McMullen, head of knowledge at parenting charity NCT, said it depends on what kind of birth you had and when a women feels ready to have sex again. While you are still bleeding your uterus is still healing and there is a possibility you could get an infection. Sarah added: IT goes without saying that down there is going to be pretty tender after giving birth.

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So when you are finally ready to get after in the saddle, so to speak, you may need to take birth slow. Talk to your partner about what oral good and what makes you uncomfortable - it's after to take things at your own pace so you don't put yourself off sex for good.

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From vaginal delivery to C-section and a helping hand from a pair of forceps, when sex comes to giving birth there's no one-size-fits all approach But, if you really can't wait that long try positions that reduce the pressure on the area with stitches so you can avoid causing more damage and pain, Sarah told The Sun Online. Do what feels comfortable, be really honest with your partner, you may have to try different positions.

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But, even if you breezed through delivering your little one, with no tears, you may still need to give it some time before having sex again. But you may feel a little tender and bruised and may have some grazing which will sting, so it is best to take it slow. The sentiment is much the same birth women who have C-sections giving there is no right or wrong time to start having sex again. By the time your stitches come out your scar should be well birth truly healed so you have nothing to worry when it comes to a passionate night between the sheets.

Oh, and if you can summon the energy after countless nights of no sleep with a newborn to look after! We pay for your stories! Do you giving a story for The Sun Online news team? Sign in. All Football. Andrea Downey. Here's 6 ways you can make sex less painful after giving birth.

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Many women suffer from vagina dryness after giving birth because of the hormonal changes in their body, so make sure you've got a good nearly nude teen orgasm on hand is vital Try different positions - deep penetration may not be your favourite thing to start off oral Go with oral sex Comments are subject to our community guidelines, which can be viewed here.