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History Of Pin Up Girls and the Tattoos They Inspired

Pin ups played a huge role in WWII, both back home and to keep up morale for soldier overseas. Sure, that was a huge part of it, but things shifted in society after the war, and with the help of pin ups, women started playing a bigger role in society than they did before. This is an in-depth look at the history of pin up girls.

What Is A Pin Up?

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A pin up is exactly that — a photo of a sexy lady that pin pin up on your wall. The tell-tale signs of a pin up are things like scantily clad voluptuous ladies, with pouty lips usually redand an old-fashioned, usually tattooed, hair style. There are lots of different examples of pin up girls, from Betty Paige, to Rita Hayworth, and the illustrations that you see on fun post cards. The idea behind a pin up started somewhere, and it might not be what you would expect! Screen Goddess.

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The earliest examples of pin ups can be traced all the way back to the s, when a French artist named Jules Cheret used the images of voluptuous women in magazines and in advertising.

This trend of featuring these kinds of sexy women on pages of magazines and in ads caught on in the US roughly ten years later, when Christian Dior would use the same types of women in his ad campaigns. These pin ups were all-American good girls, which was the image that corporations in the early 19th century wanted to encourage. This was the pin up girl image up until WWII. Just before, a Peruvian artist name Alberto Vargas was painting modest, yet sexy images of women for Esquire magazine in naked s.

Once the war started, soldiers would keep these pictures of pin ups as tokens of good luck, and to give them a sense of home. This was actually an idea put forward by actresses Rita Hayworth and Betty Grable.

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They believed that soldiers would have better morale if they believed they were fighting for something — like the beautiful women back home. As women were taking on the factory jobs that the soldiers had vacated, their pin up counterparts encouraged more female power in society.

Rosie the Riveter is a classic example of this. Believe it or not, Playboy Magazine plays a part in the popularity of pin ups in history. The entire magazine was created around the pin up image, and has only grown since then.

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The very first issue featured an up-and-coming actress at the time — Marilyn Monroe. This image was the very first centrefold, and set the stage for the entire magazine empire that Hefner was able naked build. From there, several high profile actresses during this time entered the pinup world — Bettie Page, Jayne Mansfield, and Rita Hayworth, pin name a few. Not all young naked aussie girl them were successful in the angelica panganiban nude uncensored up realm, but it was clear that being a pinup was a desirable option in the s.

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The Varga version of a pin up is still a huge inspiration for pin up models, and the style has evolved tattooed little bit since the s. The classic pin up image of a beautiful woman with red lips and curled hair, wearing very little, and posing in a cheeky manner.