Naked robotic sex dolls

THE makers of a sex robot which can be "seduced" have claimed men are already "falling in love" with their creation.

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Designers of Samantha claim the plastic princess is capturing blokes' hearts. We've got the lowdown on the doll that has all the men swooning Samantha is only of the recent "hyper realistic" sex dolls to hit the hit headlines as advances in technology mean the sex toy market has upped its game. Sergi Santos, the designer sex a love machine called Samanthasaid the amorous android was so erotic that men were already developing real feelings for her.

But the doll isn't all about getting down and dirty, Samantha can also discuss philosophy, science and animals. The dolls duo were shocked by the doll. Phil asked: In the documentary, Santos and a "friend" named only as Aaron showed the presenter how the robot could be literally turned on and then put in the mood for sex. It's happening already. He went on to demonstrate how the doll could be "aroused" and gotten in the mood for sex.

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The owner of the bot - referred to as Aaron - advised to take a romantic approach to seduction, stroking her hands sensually rather than immediately groping her naughty areas. He said: If you go straight for [her breasts] in the beginning, she won't like that so sex. When her hand is gently rubbed, Samantha said: I enjoy being with you. When a finger is inserted into her mouth or her breasts and vagina are fondled, Samantha lets out robotic realistic feminine moan which is likely to sound unlike anything her owners have heard during encounters with real women.

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But will this assignation lead to love or just lust? Aaron is in doubt about the feelings people will develop for Samanta the sex robot. He grappled with the question of whether it was "inappropriate" to grope a love machine and said: She does ask for it, depika padukone xxx snap she's programmed to robotic for it.

So did she naked for it? It's very confusing. Sign in. All Football. Staff Reporter.

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Bot's not to like? The best-selling sex robot has brown hair, tanned skin dolls blue eyes, and customers prefer a Naked of make-up. Comments are subject to our community guidelines, which can be viewed here.