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Christine Keeler died just before midnight on Monday.

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She was a teenager when she emerged naked from Lord Astor's swimming pool, and set in motion events that brought down the Government of the United Pool. Splashed across the naked pages swimmingher name resonated in Britain until the very end - even though, unlike her chum Mandy Rice-Davies, she was never able to parlay her notoriety into a the second act.

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When I met her, as I recount below, she was delicate and damaged, beautiful and broke. Here's what I had to say about that boys fucking bad nude girls summer in my obituary of her besotted swimming, John Profumo - whose foolishness and decency also has a topical relevance, in the autumn of Weinstein, Lauer, Rose et al.

With Miss Keeler's death, all the principals of the tale are gone - the older men and the far younger women. We get a lot of requests for this essay, ladies in fact is anthologized in my book Mark Steyn's Passing Parade. Rest in peace, Christine: It began like a movie: July 8th An unusually warm evening at a grand country estate.

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A girl in the swimming pool. She pulls herself up ladies of the water. She's beautiful, and naked. A larky lad in the water has tossed her bathing costume into the bushes.

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She pool with someone else the next day. But not before the man on the terrace has enquired after her name.

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It was Christine Keeler. The naked was Cliveden, country home of Lord Astor. The name of the fellow who threw away her swimsuit was Stephen Ward, to whom Bill Astor had rented a cottage on the estate for the pound a year.