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Sexual objectification is the act of treating a person as a mere object of sexual desire. Girl more broadly means treating a person as a commodity or an object without regard to their personality or dignity.

Objectification is most commonly examined at the level of a society, but can also refer to the behavior of individuals and is a type erotic dehumanization. Although both males and females can be adolescent subjects of sexual objectification, the objectification of women is an important idea in many feminist theories and psychological theories derived from them.

Many feminists regard sexual objectification as playing an important role in gender inequality. Psychologists associate objectification with a host girl physical and mental health risks in women. Female sexual objectification involves a woman being viewed primarily as an object of male sexual desire, rather than as a whole person.

Some feminists and psychologists [5] argue that sexual objectification can lead to negative psychological effects including eating disordersdepression and sexual dysfunctionand can give women negative self-images because of the belief that their intelligence and competence are currently not being, nor will ever be, acknowledged by society. Pro-feminist cultural critics such as Robert Jensen and Sut Jhally accuse mass media and advertising of promoting the objectification of women to help promote goods and services, [4] [8] adolescent and the television and film industries are commonly accused of normalizing the sexual objectification of women.

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The objection to photos objectification of women is not a recent phenomenon. In the French Enlightenmentfor example, there was a debate as to whether a woman's breasts were merely naked sensual enticement or rather a natural gift.

The issues concerning sexual objectification became first problemized during the s by feminist groups. Since then, it has been argued that the phenomenon of female sexual objectification has increased drastically since its problematization in all levels of life, and has resulted in negative consequences for women, especially in the political sphere. However, a rising form of new third-waver feminist groups have also taken the increased objectification adolescent women as an opportunity to use the female body as a mode of power.

Some have argued that the feminist movement itself has contributed to the erotic of the sexual objectification of women by promoting "free" love i. Ariel Levy contends that Western women who exploit their sexuality by, for example, wearing revealing clothing photos engaging in lewd behavior, engage in female self-objectification, meaning they objectify themselves.

While some women see such behaviour as a form of empowermentLevy contends that it has led to greater emphasis on a physical criterion or sexualization for women's perceived self-worth, which Levy calls " raunch culture ".

Levy discusses this phenomenon in Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture. Levy followed the camera crew from the Girls Gone Wild video series, and argues that contemporary America's sexualized culture not porn teen party england objectifies women, it encourages women to objectify themselves.

Photos Peterson has asked why women need to wear make-up or high-heels in the workplace, that a double standard exists for sexual harassment and females who self-objectify themselves in society. Male sexual objectification involves a man being viewed primarily as an object of sexual desire, rather than as a whole person.

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Christina Hoff Sommers and Naomi Wolf write that women's sexual liberation led women to a role reversal naked, whereby they gujrati hot sexy fuck pic men as sex objects, [18] [19] [20] in a manner similar to what they criticize about men's treatment of women.

Psychologist Harold Lyon suggests that men's liberation is a necessary step toward woman's liberation. Within gay male communities, men are often objectified by naked men.

Discussing erotic effects of objectification is met with considerable resistance in the community. The sexual objectification of girl of color may force them to play specific roles in sexual encounters that are not necessarily of their own choosing. Research has suggested that the psychological effects of objectification on men are similar to those of women, leading to negative body image among men.