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Those who find beautiful meanings in beautiful things are the cultivated. For these there is hope. They are the elect to whom naked things mean only Beauty". Hladnik, Bostjan -Yugoslavian - Maskarada, Aaltonen, Bathing Finnish, -a statue devoted to the Finnish boys who defended their Motherland during the Soviet aggression in - can pics seen in Gert Naked puisto, Helsinki.

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Adamson, Amandus Estonian, - - Russia, St. Petersburg, Eliseevskiy Store at Nevskiy prospekt, Adolfs, Heinrich - - a girl and a boy in Germany, Essen, Hagen, Grugapark, in the so bad Aedo, Francisco Soria —Spanish. Aichele, Pics- a wonderful piece of Art!!! Albaccini, Carloexhibited in Hermitage, St.

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Aldin, Cecil Charles Windsor -British. Alten, Mathias Joseph -Pics. Ammannati, Bartolomeo -Italian sculptor. Amoedo, Rodolfo -Brazilian painter. Ancher, Michael PeterDenmark ca. Anderson, Dallas J. Andrassy, Kurta Janos -Hungarian. AndreiSergey Sovkov and other Artists.

Anker, Albert Samuel Switzerland, bathing Anschutz, Thomas Pollock -U. Apperley, George Owen Wynne —English.

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Artyushenko, Sergei born inSoviet boys, illustrations to the Jungle Book, Astruc, Zacharie -- Jardin du Luxemburg. Aumaitre, Boys. Babb, Nicholson Stanley -British Baca-Flor, Carlos Peru,nude ephebe. Baglione, Giovanni -exhibited in Gemaeldegalerie, Berlin.

Balakshin, Eugeniy Russian artist, born in Barkley, Daniel Born in Montreal, Canada, in Barre, Desire Honore Amand Kamikaze girls fuck movies, Louis Ernest - - continued. Barrias, Louis Ernest - - fingers torn off but still desperately, beautifully and gracefully holding hands, not giving naked.

Bart, K. Barta, Josef -Czech painterboys bathing, Bartolini, Lorenzo boys ; exhibited in Hermitage, St. Petersburg, in Amsterdam Rijksmuseum, and in Florence, Italy. Barvenko, Victor Soviet, -boy, ; boy dreamers, Basin, Petr -- exhibited in Russian museum, St.

Beck, Sidney South-African artist, born in Beklemishev, Vladimir -Russian. Belz, Johannin Chemnitz, in front of Bathing Moskau. Bendemann, Eduard Julius Friedrich Benitez A.

Spain, San Agustin, Gran Canaria.

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Benner, Jean HenriFrance; Boys fishing. Benzoni, Giovanni - exhibited in Hermitage, Fit female models naked.