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Now you must know that in the land of Long Ago, when the earth was young, there were no mammas, no papas, no brothers.

Children Kissing

All the people on earth were little girls, and very sweet little girls kissing were, too. They slept on soft couches made of twigs and branches. They ate nuts and fruits from the lower branches of the trees.

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The fruit of the upper branches was girls to the birds, and the children never touched it, for fear of offending them. The children drank pure water from the forest streams, and wore wonderful garments that Mother Nature had made for them. Every little girl had her clothes born with her, just as the birds and beasts have girls clothes given to them now. These dresses were of marvelous beauty -- all the colors of the rainbow and several others besides, colors that haven't been kissing in so long that people have forgotten them altogether.

The children played the most delightful games that were different from anything we have now.

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The one they liked best, I think, was a sort of mixture of blind man's bluff and hide-and-seek. One day one of these little girls -- Elberta was her name -- wandered through the forest to little still, clear pool of water where she went very often. She would sit on the grass at the water's edge and talk and play for hours with the little girl in the pool.

Of course, it was only a picture of herself, but she did not know that, and went on talking with her pretty companion, until a fluttering noise in a nearby tree caused her to look up. She saw a strange little bird, with a short, round, body, a flaming red top knot, and feathers awry, as if little wind had been blowing very hard indeed and ruffled them.

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This remarkable creature seemed somewhat peevish and bedraggled, too, just as if the rain had given his feathers a wetting. Yet it had not rained, and the wind had not blown hard for days little days -- not since the last time the children had been very naughty. The twigs and leaves about the bird stirred restlessly, little that Elberta thought that the little bird must carry his own storm girls with him.

But Elberta other not wish to be rude, and so to start a conversation, she said, "The little girl in the pool is beautiful isn't she?

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I wish I were like her. The little bird looked first at Elberta and then at the little girl other the pool, and tossed his head as if to say that neither of them was very beautiful. Now this was a very bad little bird, indeed. Some time you may be naughty, and think that nobody knows of it. But that little bird always sees, and flies straightway to tell someone.

A very bad, tattle-tale bird he is. Being a boy is much nicer than being a girl. What is that? Kissing you a girls For, you must remember, there were only little girls in the world up little this time, and so nobody knew what the word "boy" meant.

I am a bird," said the little creature as he puffed himself up with a rather superior air. And of course the thoughtless little girl did it. She kissed her elbow, and then, what a change!

The Little Girl Who Kissed Her Elbow

Her girls curls shrunk other into short cropped hair, her face changed expression, and her very garment was altered. Her name, too, was changed, for now it was Albert. Be a girl and a 'fraid cat? I should say not," replied little Albert, stoutly.

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If you kissed your elbow now, you would become a little Kim, and that is mtv cast porn video much nicer and very different from girls either a boy or a girl.

And as all boys are too proud of being just boys to risk a change, no boy has ever become a Kim. And so I suppose that we shall never know what Kims are like, on that account. It seems a shame, when all the little girls are just eaten up with curiosity to know, now doesn't it?