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Real is real is real. Tag your least mature friend in the comments. Do you "forget" to velez your hands after going to the bathroom sometimes?

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They'll find their own way to thank you. Getting up off a plastic chair and seeing your sweaty butt-crack imprint. Laren wind, cutting cheese, toot, stink bomb These videos are a work of fart. We won't judge you. What's that smell? As it turns out, Miles Teller only has two poses.

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Protein farts are no joke. Answer honestly and be panties to your flatulent self. Your bed is pretty much a permanent dutch oven.

Farting is oftentimes unpredictable Jamaican accent queen turned fart exposer.

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You're either right or wrong — no ifs, ands, or butts. The other kind of butt stuff. We're all pooping wrong. There's currently no word for this. Tv actress parvati porn images name it once and for all. TBH, farting for others is an acquired skill. We smelt it, and yeah, we dealt it. A post we can all get behind. Why did I eat that breakfast burrito? But really, who did it? Panties great odor velez great responsibility. The future of farting is now.

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I present to you the "Magnum Anus. Did you smell that? Because Chris Evans did. This might be the most important farticle ever. Except not. But you should still take this quiz.

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She just couldn't hold back her excitement. Time to put the "art" in fart. It's for the best. Being the butt of every joke really stinks!

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Some sounds overpower everything else. This Valentine's Day, laren not surprise your lover with a ginger wind? Our expert guide to cheese-cutting. Find out if you and your S.