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Kendra Secrets interview. Of all the stars who I have interviewed, I feel that Kendra Secrets is the funniest person.

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I love her personality. She is also the perfect woman to portray a Milf since she has children, is totally beautiful, and provides hot sex. Her work shows it with two nominations for the upcoming Secrets X Awards. With more studios breaking away from the original intent of a "Milf" to obtain younger female performers, they are losing secrets main reason why they have became so popular in the first place.

They should recognize that real Milfs are the self shot young jailbait girls in short shorts that porn fans have. They are the most effective performers for this genre and I must say that they are the real deal just like Kendra. Hi Kendra, I love you as the seductive cougar. Your sexy milf nude at home personality sets you apart from other adult actresses.

How long have you been in the industry? What have been your most pleasurable secrets so far?

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What has been your least pleasurable? First, let me start by thanking you for the kind compliments and support you have given me thus far in my career. You have been so wonderful and extremely loyal and is very appreciative.

In my thoughts I am grateful for the Urban X nominations and kendra honored to have been nominated again this year and for having two categories this time around. Regardless who wins, I am sure there will be a secrets amount of excitement as well as fan and other talent support. It will be fun to see who takes home the awards this year. I have been in the industry for four years now this May and as far as pleasurable moments, I would have to say it's been the opportunity to have been bio to work with well known names in the business.


I have learned from a great deal of them and feel they have been a key dragon ball girls nude pics to the success of my career not to mention the personal friendships I have been able secrets acquire along the way.

As to least pleasurable ones, I would have to say the amount of cattiness and selfishness that comes with the industry. So many are self absorbed kendra not out to help others yet are only about bio and stabbing one another in the back. This is supposed to be an adult industry where most act worse then children.

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I consider you one of the priceless gems in the newly formed agency Bio Image Management. You are also one of the go-to-girls when it comes kendra Milf and interracial movies. How did you get into the adult industry? Bio thank you for that sweetness IIM is an amazing new agency for talent that Mike kendra Corey are working very hard to create that Ideal Image and not just a throw bio type place for talent to be represented.

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They really strive for excellence and secrets as we expect a lot from them to represent us as agents, they too require a great deal of us as talent to represent them properly and conduct ourselves with respect bio a positive demeanor.

I guess I can say I have been one of kendra many go-to girls when it comes to MILFs in the industry, but it seems as if the age for that genre is getting younger and younger and is losing it's true kendra appeal and the older women look and feel. It's been fun to be considered a true milf and to have worked for many companies to shoot those types of scenes and get to work with such fun younger male talent who are just priceless and cute As far as interracial movies, I have also had a great deal of success and fun with a bunch of talented males as well as some females in the orgy scenes.

I got into the industry very randomly to be honest. Since I got in at a late age of 37, most would ask " why did you wait so long? I just got laid off like many in this horrible recession.

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So I had a friendly connect to an agency who took me in under their wing and signed me up as new talent. From there I took off and was well accepted into the adult business and became the well loved actress by many