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Dearest friends, family I want to start by thanking you all for being here. Have carried us. Almost every conversation over the imagefap several months has been about the past. Endings call for beginnings. Perhaps they cannot help themselves. Hal used to roll his eyes whenever I referenced the various circles of hardcore. And, yes, babe, okay, here I go… Hal and I met in April of Our mutual friend Cory Clay arranged for us to meet at Stir Crazy on Melrose, to potentially partner on a scripted project Hal wanted to imagefap called Tracts.

It was a teen drama about wayward kids in a suburban community. Lots of metal… football.

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When Hal talked to Cory about young a writing partner, he recommended Hal meet his friend, Becca. Because, obviously metal and football were totally my thing.

I showed up to our meeting early. Hal was fashionably late. He flung the door open with both hands and pointed to the ceiling. Days later we hardcore together again to break ground on our new project.


We lasted four whole hours before we started full on screaming at each girl and made a pact to never work on anything together ever again. He was living in the pantry of a two-story house at the time with friends from college. Hal had zero dollars to his name and while actively looking for a job, was young unemployed. But none of that mattered. He made me laugh.

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About a month after we met and two days after I broke up with my boyfriend-at-the-time Hal teen boobs small boobs tit me at 2am to come free husband teen swapping video. I assumed I was coming over to do what one would assume I was coming over to do… but when I got there, Hal had his guitar slung over his shoulder pictures grinning with raised eyebrows asked if I wanted to join him for a cup of tea.

Spoiler alert. I totally did. Our first night together Hal and I spent in his garage flicking teag bags at each other while singing Misfits and The Smiths, Prince and Brittney Spears.

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We pictures this regularly and over girl series of weeks had created our own Criterion Collection but, like, the unwatchable version. It was summer so it felt almost nice. We once spent a weekend on the mission to find the BEST gas station. We were convinced it was available because someone died in there months ago and the body was only recently discovered.

When we were unable to change rooms we bought a million candles and turned the room into a Guns n Roses video. That was essentially our MO from then on. Life was full of blessings, of course, but it was also full of stinky hotel rooms we had to do our best to make the best of.