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Move to Category. Close Save. Online eheath Newschoolers rudager TheGuwap B. EVERY single girl at my school owns uggs. And they wear skinny jeans and uggs, or shorts and uggs.

During the summer, they wear uggs.

Girls and Ugg boots. - Non-Ski Gabber -

Fucking sluttastic weather confused idiots. The girls at my school suck. Jan 11 Jan 12 2: They were really popular a few years ago too, kind of died down a little, and now they are back naked being girls popular again - something that happens with almost any article of clothing, shoe, accessory, etc.

It's just a part of fashion. Have to say I'm Australian and I wear my uggs all the time, not in formal situations though. They're great to bring up to the mountain and put on after skiing.

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Yeah, they also contain free asian porno video seal for water proofing. Jan 12 4: Yea this. Jan 12 5: I may be a day late and a dollar naked but who gives a fuck what people fucking wear?

Oh yeah, most of you still care who the fuck is popular.

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Shut the fuck up. I would rather wear ski boots instead of ugg boots anyday. Jan 12 6: And then newschoolers will be there, and it will uggs Jan 12 7: Find a girl with actual style I refuse to buy a pair of Ugg boots, personally I don't think they're even remotely good looking.

Also, I just cant get past looking down the hall in school and seeing about pairs of them on any given day.

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Not in the slightest. It's a way better style than the sorority uniform.

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When I went to go tour the Hot of Visual Arts there was a girl in my group dressed as the first picture. I was ALL over her. Uggs are the dumbest thing ever! They are warm, yes, but you cant get them wet and girls are ugly.

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Why dont girls just buy moon boots?