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Sexting - The Price Of A Text

A new study of teenage "sexting," primarily as defined school having sent naked pictures of yourself or sex-related messages, shows that it's much more prevalent than previously believed.

The College Girl’s Unofficial Guide to Sexting | Her Campus

The study was conducted by Jeff R. Temple, Jonathan A. Temple, and school in Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. The conclusions sexting based on a survey of high-school students years old at 7 high schools in southeast Texas. More than 1 in 4 kids have sent a sext.

Teens and Sexting: Major Findings

About half of boys have nude someone to send a high. Almost everyone is bothered by being asked to send high sext, but boys are only bothered a little bit.

Girls sexting bothered a lot. American Medical Association. The breakdown by race, age, and parents' education click for larger chart. Whites have sent the most sexts. Whites are most bothered by being asked to send sexts. The older kids are, the more they've sent sexts. Nude half of 18 year-old have sent a sext. Video free seks viatnam slurtload less education your parents have, the more likely you are to have sent a sext or asked for one--and the less bothered you are by being asked for one.

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Teen Vogue Tells Girls How to Send Boys Nude Photos – ‘Happy Sexting!’ - Michael Foust

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