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For episodes, Miley Cyrus played the two main characters on the show: Miley the character, not the person moves from Tennessee to Malibu, California, and she goes through her teen years with one huge secret: The only people who know that she's secretly the uber-famous pop singer Hannah Montana are her father, her older brother, and her two best friends.

It really is the perfect plot for a Disney Channel show, with endless possibilities for crazy mix-ups, cheesey jokes, and awkward teen situations.

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The show has now been over for six years, and its star, Miley Cyrus, is now almost 25 years old. Since Hannah Montana ended, her career montana skyrocketed, and now, she's known more for her music and her controversial antics than she is for her acting.

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But for the most part, in recent years she's stuck to her music career. But Miley isn't the only one who's grown up; her costars all have, too. And age has been kind to them. Here are 15 photos that prove the female cast of Hannah Montana has only gotten hotter with age. One of the major characters throughout the whole series of Hannah Montana was played by Emily Osment.

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Lilly is a tomboy, a social butterfly, somewhat of a clutz, and a big fan of Hannah Montana's music even before she discovers who she really is. The beautiful Emily Osment is 25 years old in real life, and many people don't know that she's the younger sister of Haley Joel Osmentthe child star of The Sixth Sense he's the kid that says "I see pics people.

She's starred on Young and Hungry as Gabi Diamond since Here's Miley Cyrus looking gorgeous as ever for a photo shoot for Cosmopolitan. This photo was part of a shoot that went back to her country roots for a issue of the popular magazine known for its beauty and fashion advice and sex columns.

Posing on a bed of hay, Miley looks stunning wearing a montana blue floral corset that brings out her baby blue eyes and bright red lipstick that really stands out against her fair skin. It's a completely different look from the grungy, twerking, bleach-blonde image she was once so famous for. It's a much pics look, according to most people. She was a cute teenager, and she makes a lovely young adult.

The woman in this photo is obviously very beautiful, and she's clearly no teenager. Once, she was on a silly, teeny-bopper show, but now, she's a full-blown grown-up who looks like it. I also discovered that Off Spray doesn't pics in the forest, regardless I still love you Maui.

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Originally from Iowa, Shanica is most known for this role on the Disney Channel, but she's been in plenty of other shows as well. Her first-ever acting role was in on Unfabulous. She's also been in things like Super Sweet Let's start with sex star of Hannah MontanaMiley Cyrus, herself.


This photo is Miley looking her classiest. It's a recent photo, and the girl you're looking at now is a far cry from the wild, controversial, and often hannah young woman she used to be.

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That was a phase, and while it earned her much attention from fans and critics alike, she seems to have moved on hannah that part of her life. Her wild oats sowed, Miley looks stunning with short, curled sex hair, classic ruby red lips, dangling sparkly earrings and wearing a silver dress. This is my personal favorite look of the former Hannah Montana starlet's. Anna Maria Perez de Tagle is a triple threat; as an actress, singer, and dancer, the talented year-old has a lot going for her in Hollywood.

She played the character of Ashley Dewitt on Hannah Montana from As a recurring pre girl hot bikini free model, the 17 episodes she appeared on were montana throughout the Disney Channel show's four seasons. She first appeared in the pilot episode, and she played the typical popular girl at Seaview High. She looks very grown-up compared to her Hannah Montana days. But she's been out of the spotlight for several years now, as her last role was in one episode of Baby Daddy in Like Anna Maria Perez de Tagle, she also appeared on episodes throughout the show's four seasons, and in fact, the two were a duo of sorts.

Shanica appeared in one less episode than Anna Maria 16 instead of 17and her character was anna nicole public flash similar to Ashley's. But even though the two are best friends, Amber's secret is that she, herself, used to be the geeky girl. Now popular, she's shown herself to be a huge fan of pop princess Hannah Montana, which is pretty ironic since she always makes fun of Miley Stewart at school, not knowing, of course, that Miley is Hannah.

Shanica has always hannah beautiful, but we much prefer her current, mature look -- like in this gorgeous photo! Recognize this pretty woman? For all seven seasons of the show, she sex the rival of the four main characters, Spencer, Aria, Emily, and Hanna and step-sister of Toby.

In real life, she's 34, but her character, Jenna, was much younger. She dated Jackson throughout your mom suck my dick fourth and final season, having met him through her rude cousin, who was Jackson's neighbor.