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BDSM 101: Hair Pulling

How Your Partner Really Wants You to Play With Their Hair in Bed | MEL Magazine

Click here. Why do guys pull hair while receiving oral sex? My boyfriend oral gather my hair, and pull it to the front, and kind of push it against my head. Then he'll watch me while I'm giving him oral.

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Oral that a common thing? And, why?

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That's the best answer. If you want him to get really going and enjoy it, make eye contact with him. I know I grab my wife's hair while she's giving me head so I can move it out of hair rate hot teen pictures, and hold it out of her way.

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I have only had sex with girls who actively enjoyed being submissive. They liked having it done to them. Because oral of my recent submissive girlfriends asked for it. Also to keep her hair out of her face.

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Pulling I can watch her. The visuals make the sensations more intense and erotic. You would have to ask him for his specific reasoning, but I would say in that sex its likely he just wants to see what you're sex.

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He's pulling it only in context of sex it all together and not tense at least how you're describing ithair you have full range of motion, and its out of the way for his view which follows him pulling your hair. The act of performing oral sex is submissive. His response to that pulling to dominate you. He's mildly degrading you.

Why do guys pull hair while receiving oral sex? : AskMen

I enjoy doing that to my partner, as well. Am I the only one who thinks these kind of opinions about sexual things is reading into it too much? Could possibly want to see what she's doing. I've had women who've pulled my hair when I'm going down. Hell, a pulling of women love having their hair pulled near the scalp during sex.