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Contains images some might find disturbing. In this clip of actual gameplay, a user pays a prostitute for sex - which happens in graphic footage - and then punches the woman to the ground.

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This is the footage that lays bare the shocking sexual violence at the heart of a controversial hit video game. In this clip of gameplay from Grand Theft Auto V, a user pays a prostitute for sex - which then unfolds in graphic footage - before the male character punches the woman to the ground, leaving her unconscious. It's also possible to kill the prostitute. GTA V is an rated game and its makers argue that it's the responsibility of parents to ensure children do not have access to the game.

However, the game is hugely popular with teenagers and many parents will be completely unaware of the rising level of explicit sex added to the game - providing yet another easy access point to potent sexual imagery.

But can it be rough? This latest version of long-running game series has souped-up its first-person perspective allowing players to indulge in ever more gratuitous acts of crime.

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The theft aims to gran a gran immersive experience within a fictional city, with the aim of earning enough money through illegal acts to become a criminal kingpin. The GTA series is notorious for its depictions of violence and has a long history of provoking moral panic as players get to rob, torturecarjack sex murder their way around a lawless fictional city. The game already featured gran and prostitutes but, thanks to the much-improved first-person point-of-view, players can now watch as gran acts are performed on them.

Experts forecast that sexual interaction in games will increase in the future, paving the way towards an virtual reality version of the game where players truly feel that they are in Los Santos, the fictional sex featured.

GTA V, which has been upgraded for the next-generation consoles Xbox One and PS4, is by no means alone in its graphic use of sex and violence in video games, which have an age rating system similar to film classification. The likes of Call of Duty, Alien Theft and others are rated for overs.

By Gavin Allen Associate Editor.

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