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Google Street View, the search engine's ground-level mapping service that gives the user a degree view of buildings and public thoroughfares, has captured a potentially embarrassing photo.

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Taken as Google's camera-equipped Street View car drove down a street in Miami, Floridathis latest in a long line of odd Google photos shows a naked woman standing on her front porch with a bottle of what looks like water. Apparently washing nude face, the woman seen below covers googles eyes as the Google car passes directly in front of her. The action obscures her face, but the rest of her body remains unblurred.

Typically, Google Street View pixelates faces, license plates sexiest other potentially identifying information. However, this nude photo somehow slipped by Google's censors. The Smoking Gun pointed out the mistake on Friday, September 9 and noted that by September 10, a "pixelation shroud" had been placed over the woman in the photo.

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We've manage to nab a screenshot of the pre-blurred photo nude belowcourtesy of Miami New Times. The shot appears to be a mistake, rather sexiest a woman staged ahead of the Google car's appearance.

Around the world, Google has captured odd images with its Googles Street View cameras.

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Some of the photos have been revealed as hoaxes, such as the angry Norwegian scuba divers seen chasing the Woman car with pitchforks. Other times, they are odd coincidences that Google happens to recorded out of context, such as the British girl who pranked her friend by playing dead at the moment the Google car passed by.

But sometimes, these photos remain unsolved mysteries, as with the unidentified, naked German man, seemingly emerging from the nude of a car. Then, take a look through some of the strangest sightings spotted in birds-eye-view service Google Maps.

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