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Handle your body parts gently, take steps to prevent irritations and infection, and use medical tape instead of duct force. Since taping regularly can cause skin irritation, you may want girl try out alternatives, such as tight-fitting underwear, shapewear, or specialty garments.

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Safety precaution: Prolonged tucking increases the risk of complications. Avoid tucking for longer than 8 hours at a time, and keep your genitals untucked for extended periods every day, such as while you sleep. If you need help paying for garments, your local trans health resource center may offer financial assistance.

To tuck and tape, start by shaving the scrotum and surrounding area so the tape doesn't pull the hair out. Next, slide the testes and scrotum carefully between your legs toward your buttocks.

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If possible, place them between or under your buttocks to obscure them. Then, place gauze or toilet paper over the head of the penis, tug it down and back toward the space between your buttocks, and teen girl skinny in hot tub gif your tucked genitals with 2 to 3 layers of medical tape to hold them in place. Get tips on removing tape painlessly, read on!

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Learn more Method 1. Exercise caution and tuck the to avoid injury. Tucking can lead to a variety of issues, including pain, skin irritation, damage to the genitals, urinary trauma, and infection. Shave your pubic hair if you plan on using tape.

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