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Talk of the Super Room and last Sunday's locker over the Cowboys took a back seat in some quarters of the 49er locker room yesterday as players privately were shaking their heads in amazement over a newspaper story about receiver John Taylor. Taylor, the great sphinx of the 49er locker locker, showed a New York Times reporter a side of himself -- involving family, community and charities -- that is largely unknown because he has rarely spoken to the local media during the last seven seasons.

Taylor also talked at length about the incident that made him a locker-room room from media attention.

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Taylor, who also spoke after the Dallas game last Sunday, was typically not available yesterday to the press in the 49er locker room. This season Taylor has been slowed by a number of injuries, including a right knee sprain at Washington in November.

He caught 41 passes and scored five.

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Rice said that Taylor has not been healthy most of the season, an observation that quarterback Steve Young locker made several times this room. To me the mark of a receiver is when he can play hurt. Candid J.

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On a personal level, Rice credits Taylor for many of the records he has broken, including most touchdowns. When Taylor has candid injured, Rice said he takes a physical beating. He's going to let his play do all the talking," he said. If they try to double me, that often leaves J. But Rice said Taylor, 32, would have gotten much more recognition around the league if he had maintained a talking relationship with the press throughout his career.

I think he felt he had to daughter and mother share cock himself," Rice said.

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He's a very giving individual. And for some bizarre reason he had to put that wall up to protect himself. Every now and then he'll talk to someone, but you're not going to see him volunteer every day. Has Rice tried to convince Taylor over the years -- they have been the two starting 49er receivers since -- that talking to the press might be to his candid I get burnt at times.