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I really hate those girls who say they cum every time from sex. Trying to explain this to a man is like trying to explain why Bono is a fucking cunt to a U2 fan, impossible. Hold up, buddy. All I could think about was cumming. He was overdoing it, and I was overthinking it. Cumming is not a guaranteed thing. There is no formula for female orgasm.

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But say your brain and your vag, in a rare and merciful moment, decide to come together and shake hands, take heed. All you boys out there can you a thing or two about your girl cum her throbbing lady bits, just as she can from.

And while she might not mount her Can by the same path every time, you might find a preferred pattern emerging, so pay attention. A woman who likes to throw down is a woman who likes to be in control. She probably has a make haircut, an alphabetized bookcase, and two cell phones. This girl knows what she wants, what she likes, and most importantly what you like. I bet she even ordered for you at dinner and her choice was amazing.

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Girl gets results. This is one patient motherfucker, let me tell you that.

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We turkey hot gril sexy pictures owe this woman a debt of gratitude should we be lucky enough to get her sloppy seconds.

I bet this girl has more than 1, Facebook friends.

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Are you checking? She likes the sound of her own voice. She could also please really insecure, and making a lot of noise is a really great way for her to feel validated. Especially if you have a really hot female roommate within earshot.

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Remember the guy from last week who cums on your face? If this is you, call me. This girl could be me. Please check that you are not, in fact, fucking me.

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In which case she thinks farts are hilarious and likes to watch you fucking her in the mirror. Her parents were probably old hippes who raised her to be really self confident and have a healthy perspective on sex and all that sort of lovely nonsense.

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