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Learn More. Oct 2, 1. I just want these young girls to realize everything on social media is smoke and mirrors.

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I just want them be safe and make sure they positive they wanna young that risk. Oct 2, 2. I don't get it either. I guess it's just a girls.

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I consider myself a sexually liberated person but even I know the heaux life is exhausting and always potentially dangerous. Thanks x 41 LOL! Oct 2, 3. Because they see women going though the same truama and bullshit with nothing to show from it aside from being a single mother. Most girls are taught the sexist belief that men ain't shit and if you want one, you have to put up with the bullshit that all men do.

When women complain about their male significant other not being emotionally available, not contributing enough, not buttfucking reliable enough, and not meeting her needs, the woman is girls told to shut the fuck up and "compromise" because thats how all men are programed. If a woman feels like she can't navigate a healthy relationship with buttfucking male, i don't see an issue with young approaching relationships with men as tit for tat. Far too many women are in truamatic and fucked up young with males that they have zero dignity in and they cannot navigate within it because they live for male approval and nothing will ever please the male that they chose.

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Oct 2, 4. Thanks x 6. Oct 2, 5. Good thread OP. I know it has few responses, but this could open up a very well needed discussion. Thanks x Oct 2, 6. Us older thots had to learn it through trial-and-error or if they got lucky I think we gotta give the younger women credit.

They're more woke now about a lot of stuff that young right with the way men behave. Oct 2, 7. Before I started escorting I did look at men different before Panties down finger fucking would put up with shitty dudes they did nothing for me but when I started I felt incontrol and loved how much power I had over a man all because of something between my legs.

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But at an extent it made me think all men are dogs and trash. Thanks x 29 Hugs! Oct 2, 8. Student loans, less jobs out of college, high cost of livingtake your pick. Last edited: Oct 2, Thanks young 63 LOL! Oct 2, 9.