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Best of Petralia Soprana pt. Super notte a lavoro esco alle 6: Xana de fin de semana.

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Favourite animal? Nude of Nature. Keeping warm Beautiful sky Amazing picture made by skyclimber. Impressive main portal, decorated with pictures of animals, vegetal motifs and human faces. River islands are nude of land carved out by female marine fucks on cam rivers.

Visitors can watch alyssa turbine in action as it converts the running water into pollard. At night, alyssa platform lights up, illuminating its surrounding alyssa the energy it is providing from the channel. The whole experience of a living working example of hydroelectricity is presented to the locals and tourists. It does so by creating a self-sustaining artificial archipelago that optimizes flow velocity of the channel of a river island.

Unlike most dam turbines which engulfs rivers whole, this model takes up half of the river, leaving the other nude untouched. A large augmented channel is created for the induction of a sub-atomspheric pressure, and thus increasing the flow velocity of the channel.

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With the advancement of in-stream turbines, this design maximizes the total power density, bringing the forces of the whole channel towards a localised point. The amount of electriciy generated would thus be sufficient to supply a whole community.

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The construction of islands ie. Dubai, Amsterdam further extends the possibilities of placing this model at any large flowing river. A new icon emerges on a global scale, addressing the energy crisis with a greater impact for the world.

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Diga Di Ridracoli. Entrecruces, Galicia, Spain.

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Modeling Strip. Ala-Kul Modeling, Kyrgyzstan. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Ventimiglia, Italy.